Fort Madison becomes site for upcoming film

Published: Mar. 19, 2023 at 7:07 PM CDT
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FORT MADISON (WGEM) - It’s lights, camera, action in Fort Madison this month, as a new psychological thriller is being filmed.

Intent Unknown is written by local author and educator Beth Deacon. The film is being directed by filmmaker and photographer Terence Gordon.

The film will follow four psychology college students who are testing an ethical thought experiment called the “trolley problem,” which asks an ethical dilemma. For example, three construction workers are in danger of being hit by a trolley, by diverting the train an infant would be killed.

The directors said it comes down to who do you save? How do you value life? How do we make these decisions?

The four lead roles will be played by local students, along with over 20 other locals involved within the filming process.

Renowned actor Eric Roberts will also play a lead role in the film.

Deacon said one of her main goals in bringing the film to her hometown was showing local students opportunities are out there.

”I’m also a teacher and I think it’s very important to give kids opportunities, especially in small towns because as a teacher I see where kids a lot of times don’t feel like they’re valued and there’s not a lot of opportunities,” Deacon said. “So when I came to this area, part of coming to this area was to give kids more opportunities.”

The locally written and shot film consists of 94 pages and is looking to make it’s debut sometime around June.

The film will be available on Amazon Prime and Tubi.

Deacon said Intent Unknown leaves questions unanswered and doors open for a sequel.

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