Quincy City Council approves 17th Street repair project

Published: May. 22, 2023 at 9:38 PM CDT
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QUINCY (WGEM) - In just a couple of months, North 17th Street, stretching from Locust Street to Seminary Road, will get some major improvements.

Repairs will include new asphalt pavement, curbs, gutters, sidewalks and drainage improvements.

That’s not all, as crews will finish repairs on Center Avenue between 16th and 17th Streets.

Officials have also planned reconstruction efforts for Wells Avenue from 17th to 18th Streets.

Engineering Manager Steve Bange said a lot of this pavement is made up of old oil and chip without curbs or gutters. This project will replace that and help with drainage.

“The water when heavy rains come from Locust Street on down, and a lot of those homes there their yards get flooded out and we’ve had problems controlling that water that comes down from the south towards them,” Bange said. “So, we put in curbs and gutters, storm sewers, to help control that water and we have to take that water all the way down towards Seminary Road where the stream is.”

Bange said construction should start in two or three months.

He hopes to see the road project done by December.

Bange said you will get notifications about road closures to come, specifically on 17th and Locust Streets.

Also discussed in council:

  • Approval of a $10,000 invoice from Blick’s Construction Company Inc. to remove the accumulation of logs against the South 8th Street near RJ Peters Drive bridge.
  • Approval of the $26,970 proposal from Cascade Cart Solutions of Grand Rapids, MI to purchase 500 residential roll-off garbage carts.
  • Approval of the $86,049.50 low bid from Rainbo Oil Company of Palmyra, MO for the annual purchase of motor oil, hydraulic fluid and transmission fluid.
  • Approval of a $7,592 invoice from Decatur Electronics LLC of St. Petersburg, FL for two radar speed boards.
  • Approval of a bid not exceeding $72,050 from D&L Excavating of Liberty, IL to Adams County upon completion and inspection of the improvement to the city owned alley adjacent to the parking lot located at 516 Vermont Street.
  • Approved payment of $8,334 to First Arriving to purchase hardware, licensing, installation costs and a year subscription.
  • $3,986 to make payment to FirstDue to purchase an additional software program and include this in the annual contract, tabled one week.
  • Approval of a $14,385 invoice from Knuffman Plumbing of Liberty, IL for the repair of piping located in the water meter at Quincy Regional Airport.
  • Approval of a $122,352.40 proposal United Contractors Midwest to widen an apron taxiway to safely accommodate larger planes.
  • Approval of a $375,487.37 bid from Illinois Valley Paving of Springfield, IL, and to release funding not exceeding the bid amount, to the Illinois Department of Transportation for the reconstruction of part of runway 4/22.
  • Approval to execute the grant agreement with the Federal Aviation Administration and Illinois Department of Transportation in an amount not exceeding $12,971,382.22 to reconstruct part of runway 4/22.
  • Adopted Ordinance amending the District Map wish is made a part of section 162.002 of the Municipal Code of the City of Quincy of 2015. R1C (Single Family Residential) to C2 (General Commercial) for a portion of 1537 North 24th Street.

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