Rain on the way

A half inch of rain looks likely for the region
A half inch of rain looks likely for the region(Brian inman)
Published: Jun. 8, 2023 at 4:50 PM CDT
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Drought conditions worsen across the region
Drought conditions worsen across the region(Brian inman)

QUINCY (WGEM) - We have another beautiful day set up for the region with very dry air in place again Friday. Thursday, we set a record for the driest dewpoint ever on this date in June. Normally we have dewpoints that are around 60 degrees. Thursday we had dewpoints that were in the mid-and low 30s. that gave us relative humidity down as low as 18% in parts of the region. Saturday we will start off with some sunshine and some cloud cover begins to develop the head of a cold front that makes its way toward the region on Sunday. I believe the rain showers will hold off throughout most of the day on Saturday. The rain should kick in overnight Saturday night. But our best shot is on Sunday. Between the rain overnight Saturday night and Sunday around a half inch of rain will be a fairly common rainfall total. It is possible there could be a few thunderstorms that develop with this system. If you happen to get underneath one of those thunderstorms, although they will be few, you may see 3/4 of an inch of rain. That is the going forecast for Saturday through Sunday rainfall totals. The new drought monitor did come out on Thursday and conditions have worsened for much of the region. We have nearly everyone in a drought at this time. There is a small portion of northeastern Missouri that is an extreme drought and much of Adams County is under a severe drought. The rainfall that we have on the way will not improve the drought conditions but they will keep them from getting worse. Our dry weather pattern continues once we get through the weekend and temperatures begin to warm back up to the mid-80s.

Record dry(low) dewpoints for Quincy Thursday
Record dry(low) dewpoints for Quincy Thursday(Brian inman)

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