Preventative maintenance and a new playground coming to QPS

Published: Jun. 28, 2023 at 5:07 AM CDT
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QUINCY (WGEM) - During the summer, it’s a time for schools to get their operations ready for students return for the following school year.

Quincy Public School District Chief of Business Operations Ryan Whicker said normally they have a lot going on during the summer, but this year work has been scaled back.

Whicker said they have a lot going on this year with the transportation facility for QPS being worked on. He says they are focusing on preventative maintenance, in the junior high, the cooler, and for Baldwin Elementary, the sprinkler system in the auditorium.

“The sprinkler systems have been not working properly for awhile. We’ve had some main breaks out on Baldwin Drive. Cooler and freezer, it’s tight space, old. We’re moving the cooler and freezer outdoors. This will allow deliveries to be easily just loaded from outside and they’re not having to come into the building,” Whicker said.

Whicker said the old cooler will be converted into storage space for the school. He said it’s important to get these projects done over the summer when there’s not a lot of students.

One of those projects that’s nearly done is a new playground for the Early Childhood and Family Center.

Building manager Scott Moore said the previous playground had wood chips, an asphalt bike path, and a lack of shade. He says the new playground now uses blue duraplay rubber surface which will make it easier for students to walk and run, and allow handicapped students to play on the playground easier.

“They are gonna be to more easily come out and enjoy the playground, it’s gonna be new for all our staff. Beautiful blue colors, it’s gonna be safe. I think it’ll be something that everyone really gets behind and enjoys,” Moore said.

Moore said a grant made the project possible, as it was in the works for 2 years. He says they have to add in a new sandbox, some grass, and paint lines for a tricycle path.

Whicker expects most of the projects to be done by start of the school year, the cooler maintenance will take until early fall.

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