Sawyer’s Creek Funpark set to re-open next year

Published: Aug. 17, 2023 at 6:19 PM CDT
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HANNIBAL (WGEM) - Efforts are underway to revive a once popular Hannibal destination.

Locals said they share many memories at Sawyer’s Creek Funpark which closed at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. It was brought back briefly in 2021 but closed yet again.

Soon, they’ll be able to make new memories because the fun park is coming back.

Austin and Todd Curry, who own Mark Twain Cave and Hannibal Tour Company, bought the Sawyer’s Creek Funpark on Aug. 2.

“Sawyer’s Creek was the Cameron family dairy farm,” Austin Curry said. “And, he purchased the cave in 1923 so 100 years later, here we are purchasing the dairy farm back.”

The Currys said they intend to revitalize the park.

“We want to keep history alive as well as stay current,” Austin Curry said.

The father and son said their first order of business will be to make improvements to the putt-putt course and the bumper boats.

“The caves and the trolley don’t get a lot of locals,” Austin Curry said. “But, with Sawyer’s Creek here we think it’ll be a more local draw which we’re excited about.”

The Currys said there’s no word yet on what changes they plan to make beyond maintenance.

“Sawyer’s Creek has definitely been in the top four or five tourist attractions in Hannibal,” said Hannibal Area Chamber of Commerce executive director McKenzie Disselhorst.

Disselhorst said they will be thrilled to to put Sawyer’s Creek Funpark brochures back the shelf.

“Sawyer’s Creek is a really important piece to the Hannibal tourism puzzle,” Disselhorst said. “We’ve had lots of questions over the years like ‘When are we re-opening?’ or ‘Are they still open?’ Things like that. So, we’re happy we’ll soon be able to say yes.”

The Currys said they plan to re-open Sawyer’s Creek in summer 2024.

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