Fall Festival of Country Music returns to Hannibal

Country music band, Memory Lane, performed in front of dozens of Tri-State residents at the Fall Festival of Country Music in Hannibal.
Published: Sep. 8, 2023 at 10:58 PM CDT
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HANNIBAL (WGEM) - Dozens of Tri-State residents attended the Fall Festival of Country Music at the Admiral Coontz Armory in Hannibal.

Friday evening, the band Memory Lane performed a medley of country, bluegrass and gospel music. A few couples got up and tapped their toes to the tune of the music.

The Senior Dance at the festival is in its 49th year and is a great source of exercise for those who attend. In addition to partaking in physical activity, attendees get to build a sense of community.

Betty Miller, drummer for Memory Lane, explained how everyone get to benefit from coming out to the festival.

“[They] come to the dances, and they sit and they talk,” Miller said. “They get acquainted and we have...every once in a while down here, too, you know. So, we sometimes eat together.”

Students and staff from Curryville Christian School sold concessions at the music festival.

Upon entry, people also donated money for the band-play.

According to Miller, Memory Lane is pleased with the turnout they get to see each year.

“We have the same faces come, all the time,” Miller said. “We’ve even had them up to 99 and 100 years old dancing down here.”

Memory Lane is excited for next year’s 50th Senior Dance at the Fall Festival of Country Music.

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