Shaqaille McCamick

Multimedia Journalist
Quincy, Illinois
Shaqaille McCamick

Originally from Ohio, Shaqaille moved to Florida to pursue a B.S. in Broadcasting at Southeastern University. Throughout her college years, she participated in dance, volunteering, was employed by SEU's Media Services Department and interned with Spectrum News 13 in Orlando, FL.

Shaqaille's passion for news began at a young age. She attributes her family's obsession with Gilmore Girls for jumpstarting her love of journalism.

Growing up, she had a desire to help people and tell the stories of those who may be unable to do so themselves. Her love for the industry continued to grow with age as she participated in the performing arts through various outlets and participated in her high school's Broadcast Journalism program. She's eager to be back in the Midwest working in the field she loves.

In her free time, Shaqaille can be found keeping up with all things pop culture, watching crime TV and movies and spending time with her family and friends virtually and in person. She enjoys large cups of coffee, hitting the town, listening and singing to music 24/7 and cracking jokes to anyone within ear shot.