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Advance your career at WGEM News. You’ll work in a collaborative environment and be coached and challenged every day to achieve your full potential. Simply put, We Grow Our Own. Just ask our alumni.

“I don’t care how prepared you think you are after graduation. You’re going to learn more about this business in your first job than you can imagine. If you’re willing to learn and open to coaching, WGEM will help you create the foundation to build your career on.”

Mike Colombo, Anchor From WGEM to KTVI/KPLR – St. Louis

“When I look back at my time working at WGEM I have nothing but positive thoughts. From my first day, I was welcomed into the station and felt like a valued member of the news team. WGEM taught me so much about real life reporting such as how to write a story, how to get compelling interviews, and how to really “work a beat.”

Working at WGEM didn’t just impact my career, but who I am as a person. My self-confidence grew, and I was able to have the courage to take on anything that came my way. Anyone would be lucky to work at WGEM, they really are a station that cares not only about their content but their employees as well.”

Ashley Hart, Multimedia Journalist From WGEM to Fios News – New York

“If you’re ready to work hard, I highly recommend advancing your career at WGEM. WGEM newsroom leaders really challenged me to grow as a journalist and producer.

News directors know that when they’re hiring someone from WGEM, they are getting someone from a place with really high standards. The fact that I came from WGEM was actually brought up during my interview before I landed my current job producing at a TV station in Milwaukee.

WGEM has significantly more resources than stations in markets of comparable size. If you’re a producer, that means working with a modern newsroom with animations, graphics and a variety of camera shots that make your newscast look really professional. If you’re a reporter, that means your packages are going to look great shot on newer equipment – possibly including drone footage – and you can edit in the field.”

Brian Troutman, Producer From WGEM to WDJT – Milwaukee

“I will always be grateful and thankful for WGEM being the start of my career. While high expectations were set, I was provided with support and patience that helped me develop my abilities and my confidence as a broadcast meteorologist. In areas they saw I needed to grow, they provided feedback and coaching.

Although WGEM is considered a small market station, it never felt that way due to the number of resources, support, and technology. I loved the professional work environment that was well organized with clear communication.

In my three years, I experienced almost all types of extreme Midwest weather. And there was clear communication that weather was a top priority and taken seriously by management.”

Chelsea Smith, Meteorologist From WGEM to WTVQ – Lexington

“I greatly owe my development to the guidance and coaching I received at WGEM. Constantly being challenged allowed me to become a leader in the newsroom and a trusted source in the community. It helped me grow in all aspects of news, leading me to a Weekend Anchor role in a larger market.

All the lessons I learned continue to influence me today. I believe I wouldn’t be where I am now if I did not start at WGEM.”

Jeremy Culver, Multimedia Journalist From WGEM MMJ to Weekend Anchor at WXOW – La Crosse, WI

“WGEM immediately allowed me to develop leadership, ownership, and big picture thinking. Three skills that make you stand out. Because of that, I was able to land a position in Dallas at the NBC affiliate right after. Even in a small market, I was able to connect with a diverse audience, which is something that I’m able to still use years later.

The entire team at WGEM was full of hard-workers, and collectively, we tackled breaking news and shined a spotlight in many communities in the region. There are so many incredible benefits from being on the WGEM team. Very quickly, you understand storytelling, teamwork, and execution.

WGEM was definitely the best decision I made after college.”

Alex Bruner, Producer From WGEM to KXAS – Dallas

During my time at WGEM, I watched a lot of graduates from my same school, who had similar levels of experience, grow a lot less than I did. The environment at WGEM trained me to be prepared for anything. After two years, markets nearly double in size offered me positions. After 3 years, I achieved my goal of getting a job in Milwaukee. If you put in the work, are receptive to feedback, and want to achieve at a high level, I can’t think of a better place to start your career.

Frank Healy, Multimedia Journalist From WGEM to CBS 58 in Milwaukee

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